Resistance 2 – Playstation 3 Review

If you’ve read my review of Resistance: Fall of Man, then you’ll know that the first Resistance was fun, yet very challenging. Resistance 2 takes the original and polishes it to perfection. All of the issues from the first game are completely gone in this sequel. There is now the standard health system where you hide behind something and you heal completely, making the game easier. The weapons are also more balanced, it doesn’t take a whole clip to take down one enemy now. Also, weapons with bad secondary functions were changed to have useful ones. This makes the game easier. Resistance 2 takes place in America where American forces are trying to stop the invading Chimera. It’s up to Nathan Hale to save the day yet again. Without ruining the story, there is some amazing moments. Moments that just take your breath away they’re so visually stunning. That and there is some of the biggest boss battles I have ever seen in a game. This game has more WOW factor (this is my opinion) then the first Halo (the best one).

Final Score: 5/5


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