God of War III – Playstation 3 Review

Kratos is back, because there are gods to be killed, as well as anything that’s stupid enough to be seen by Kratos. Kratos by the way, is as much as a sociopath as he’s always been, if not more. Killing people has never been so beautiful though. The game starts where God of War 2 left off, with Kratos marching toward Mount Olympus.

Kratos kicking some ass.

This opening scene gets the game started with a bang, unfortunately the rest of the game can’t match up to it. This opening scene is awesome to say the least, with giant battles, awesome camera work, and lots of action. Afterwards you can’t help but be hooked for the rest of the game, waiting for another moment like that. But it just doesn’t happen, it never gets as good as the first scene. It goes from being an amazing game, to good game afterwards. This doesn’t mean the game is bad, it just seems that the pacing is off. The base game play tried and true, if you’ve played the other God of War’s, you’ll see that it’s virtually unchanged; go somewhere, find out you need something, go back to where you started, go back with thing, repeat. The boss battles are supposed be the high points of the game, but even they didn’t match up to the first scene, and they seem disappointing, like lighting some fireworks, waiting patiently just to get a small *pop*. Even the final boss fizzles compared to the first battle. When your not fighting, but you usually are, your doing puzzles, some of which are very clever. One puzzle reminded me of the works of M.C. Esher, which only made it more fun to figure out. The weapons in this game are ok, but they’re are similar to your default blades. The ending was kind of boring and predictable, but I wasn’t really expecting much. There was one thing the bothered be about the game; it felt like I was supposed to have some sort of emotional connection to Kratos, which I found hard because he slaughtered everyone who looked at him funny. Overall all though this an excellent game, and it defines the hack and slash genre.

Final Rating: 5/5


One response to “God of War III – Playstation 3 Review

  1. I have to agree, killing Poseidon was incredibly epic, and the finish from the god’s POV was particularly brutal because it gave the player a glimpse of the kind of monster they are, playing as Kratos, who, let’s face it, is completely unlikeable! It was waiting for another Poseidon moment that drove me through the game which as you said, never came. Having said that, the game looked gorgeous on PS3. But lack of connection to protagonist made the play a bit of a chore at times.

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