Batman: Arkham Asylum Review, and Game Giveaway

I AM THE NIGHT!!! This is probably the best Batman game ever, by far. The title is self explanatory, you play Batman, and you have to kick ass in Arkham Asylum when the Joker starts a prison riot. Game-play is fairly linear, and you get new items that unlock new areas to explore. When exploring the environment, you can activate detective mode, which points out interactive materials and has X-ray vision. The items all seem fairly useful and most are effective in combat too, which is very nice. You’ll be outnumbered, so you have to go in quiet and stealthy. That is unless they have no guns, if they don’t have any guns, feel free to engage them in hand to hand combat. Hand to hand combat is very smooth and requires some finesse, but it feels awesome when you chain together an awesome combo. Boss battles are usually against famous Batman villains, which keeps things nice and interesting. There was some points in the game where they didn’t really tell you what you needed to do, which was beyond frustrating. Beyond that though this game is excellent, even if it gets bogged down sometimes by annoying game design.

Final Rating: 4/5


I’m giving away a Steam copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Here are the rules:

1) Send an email to with “BATMAN” in the subject. A winner be chosen at random.

2) The contest is open until 2/24/2011.

3) At least a 100 people need to participate in order for there to be a winner, so tell your friends about it, or post this post on your Facebook.

Good Luck!!


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