New Nintendo Console

Apparently there is a new Nintendo console going to be announced this month, code named Project Cafe. Supposedly it is more powerful then the PS3 and Xbox 360, and will be in 1080p HD resolution. The controller supposedly has a 6 inch touch screen that will be able to stream content from the console. This new console is apparently supposed to bring back the hardcore audience.

I have just a few comments about this whole thing:

1) I kinda expected another console to be announced soon because Wii sales have been doing terrible, they just aren’t selling as many consoles or games as they were.

2) the name Project Cafe sounds really douche to me, and doesn’t excite me into buying it. The name Revolution that the Wii originally had was much more exciting than Project Cafe. Unless this new console injects coffee into you, I don’t see why that should be it’s code name.

3) by going HD, is Nintendo admitting that they should have had that with the Wii?

4) by having a controller that has a screen that streams content from the console, will you even need a TV to play it?

5) Nintendo is trying to get back the hardcore audience, so will this new console abandon the casual audience be left out in the cold?

I’m interested to see what Nintendo will do will do with this new console, and I’ll keep updating on it.