Movie Monday: Thor


March 25, 2011 Update: AT&T and T-Mobile Merger, Japan and Nuclear Power, and Scandinavia and the World.

If you didn’t hear, AT&T is going to be acquiring T-Mobile. This is going to greatly increase AT&T’s coverage. How this will affect T-Mobile customers is still unknown though. You can check out the official website HERE.










After all the problems with their nuclear power plant, Japan has decided to never use nuclear power again. I honestly don’t blame them, even if nuclear power is usually safe, situations like this show that it is still really dangerous.

This is a nice little web-comic called Scandinavia and the World. Its all very fun crazy stuff, and anyone familiar with anime will probably think of Hetalia when they see this. The creator of this comic also two other web-comics, I think this one is the best though. You can find the website HERE.

March 12, 2011 Update: Cannon Penis, Amazing Horse, asdf, chainsawsuit, Egoraptor.

If you aren’t familiar with Smosh, then what rock have you been living under? Then provided a rich assortment of funny videos, I especially enjoy they’re Thursday lunches. This particular makes me laugh every single time though.

Weeble is a man writes songs. Crazy, insane, songs. These songs are so awesome that they can melt the faces of those unprepared for their awesomeness. He’s songs are animated, either by him or a third party, but they are all entertaining.

the asdf series is very odd to say the least. Random even, and definitely funny. The creators of this also create Eddsworld, if you’re familiar with that.

This is a comic from the humorous site chainsawsuit. His comics are very random, and often very funny, as seen by below.

This late bit is from the great animator Egoraptor, who always keeps me laughing. He’s animations usually revolve around video games, but sometimes he does random stuff. He also created the Awesome series, and if you haven’t heard of that go check it out right after this. This is his newest video, and it’s about the original Castlevania.

January 7, 2011 Update. Skyrim, and Team Fortress 2 Comic.

I’ve found a few more goodies from the internet.

This first video is by the animator Harry Partridge, who’s animations are hilarious. This particular animation is about the teaser trailer to the new Oblivion game, Skyrim. The trailer for the game is below the animation. I highly recommend checking out the rest of Harry Partridge’s video’s.

This late bit is a comic by the folks at VG Cats, who make some great video game comics. This particular comic brings up the issue of crates in Team Fortress 2. Check out their site here, or by clicking on the image.