Playin’ Games with James: The Void – Part 2


Need for Speed: On the Run DEMO First Impressions

Let me first start off saying that I only like arcade racers. I tend to get bored with racing games that are too serious, like Forza or Gran Turismo.

I’ve enjoyed other Need For Speed games, but I was surprised on how nicely the car controlled. When you hit the boost it feels really impressive. It appears that the story of the game appears to that of Bull Run or Rat Race, lots of people race from one place to another in order to win millions of dollars.

Their was two tracks in the demo. The first track had some dirt roads and some highway. The second track was snow covered moutains. The main draw to this track was an avalanche that was coming down the mountain, and showering rocks down that you have to avoid.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the demo, and I look forward to checking out the game.

GDC 2011 Wrap-Up

Yeah, I know it’s a little late, but here’s a quick wrap-up of all the big news from this year’s GDC (Game Developers Conference).

  • Team Meat confirmed they’re working on a 3DS game. This most likely means 3D chainsaw blades, in which case fuck that. (But Super Meat Boy is awesome, go play it.)
  • Angry Birds Seasons will be getting a St. Patrick’s Day update, and more Angry Birds is always a good thing.
  • Infamous 2 will have a level creator, which seems crazy in a single-player, story focused game like that. I have faith in Naughty Dog, though.
  • Minecraft creator Notch is making a collectible card game, even though Minecraft technically isn’t even released yet.
  • Nintendo’s keynote announcements: Netflix, Super Mario 3DS, and Game Gear/Turbografx-16 games are all coming to the 3DS. Netflix seems like it would be an awful experience on a DS screen, and who the hell wants to buy digital copies of Game Gear games?
  • Yu Suzuki says he thinks Shenmue 3 is going to happen. YES PLEASE.
  • Double Fine announced their new mech game, Trenched. Double Fine, along with Telltale, is a developer I will buy anything from sight unseen, so sounds good to me.
  • Epic showed off an AMAZING real-time demo of the new Unreal engine.

March 1, 2011 Update: Zombies, 3DS, Skyrim, Thundercats, and We Dare.

Ok people, between being busy with projects and not having internet for about 5 days, I haven’t been able to really to post anything. Because of this I have a massive update for today. Get comfy, this might take awhile.

There’s a couple new zombie games coming out. Undead Online is a FPS MMO being made by Massively. Apparently the game is split into episodes that show the story from perspectives of multiple characters, each starting at the beginning of the apocalypse. Another game under the name Class 3 is being made by Undead Games. It’s being called an open world zombie survival game, I am very interested to hear more. Last but not least, Dead Island, which apparently is a zombie game with RPG elements. It also has one of the best trailers I’ve seen to date, and had more emotion in it then most zombie movies. Whoever directed the trailer deserves a pat on the back.

A new Skyrim video is out, and it shows actual gameplay. Whoever designed the music is a genius, because it makes the game is 20x more awesome.

Nintendo has announced the launch line up for the 3DS. The line up seems good, but nothing that seems to push the technology.

Ubisoft has made a naughty party game for the Wii, under the name We Dare. Go ahead, read that again. I watched this video thinking it was a joke, it’s not a joke. I will be surprised if anyone buys this. WTF Ubisoft?

PS- Is it just me, or does it look like an orgy is about to start at then end of this video?

A trailer for the remake of Thundercats, from all appearances it’s a prologue to the original. It looks interesting, but we’ll see. Until then, HOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!

This last video is just a random video from College Humor, but it makes me laugh consistently.

February 11, 2011 Update: Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2, Hunted: The Demon Forge.

I came across another Crysis 2 video. I am kinda getting excited for it, because it looks so awesome.


I wasn’t really excited about Dragon Age 2, until I saw this video. If the actual game-play is ANYTHING like this, I will be really impressed.


I thought Hunted: The Demon Forge looked like fairly bland, but this video makes it look impressive. We’ll have to wait and see though, I still have my doubts.