Random Thursday: The Darkness, Forever Drive


iPhone App Reviews – Issue 1

Since there isn’t usually much to say about iPhone Apps, I’m going to be grading them on a scale of three: avoid, passable, and good.

Fast Ball 2

This game is very basic, all you do is jump. That’s it. You roll across the stages, tapping the screen to jump to other platforms and to avoid obstacles. The jump isn’t even affected by how long you tap the screen either, so it’s all about timing the jumps perfectly. The collision detection can be wonky at times, sometimes I was even able to jump off the top of obstacles. Overall, this game can be kinda fun, but it isn’t anything special.

Final Rating: Passable


  This is a very good app, it has every Dilbert comic available to view. The only issue I have with this app is when your looking for a certain comic, and then turn the phone on its side, the app will take you all the way back to the start of the list.

Final Rating: Good


This is an interesting app, with lots of little features. I really like its battery status indicator, which clearly tells you exactly how long your battery will last doing different things.
Final Rating: Passable

March 2, 2011 Update: iPad 2, Ninja Gaiden 3, Charile Sheen, Free iPhone Apps.

Well you probably already heard by now, but Apple has announced the iPad 2. I looks pretty awesome, but there’s one thing I’m kinda not crazy about. The iPad 2 has a magnetic cover that also works as a stand. I’ve always learned that you keep magnets AWAY from displays, so the thought of having one so close to my iPad isn’t really that appealing.

Ninja Gaiden 3 has been announced, which should be interesting to say the least. Since I actually beat the second one, I can honestly say that I fear the hell they’re about to unleash, because that was the hardest game I’ve ever played. This trailer really isn’t as good as the one for Ninja Gaiden 2, mostly because it doesn’t have a scythe, and seems like the new “feature” is seeing his face. Team Ninja, I will never understand you.

If you haven’t been paying attention, Charlie Sheen has been losing his mind, and it has been VERY entertaining. The things he says are completely nuts, and I can’t wait till his ego gets destroyed, because he is completely full of himself.

If you guys have an iPhone or iPad, you probably love apps. Let me direct you to Free App a Day, or FAAD. FAAD is free to download, and everyday they have new games to download for free. Some of the apps are complete crap, but there are some good ones that pop up now and again. It’s worth checking out, trust me on this one, I’ve avoided paying for some good games this way.