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Resistance:Fall of Man – Playstation 3 Review

resistance-fall-of-man-8I’m going to say this now before I say anything else, this is not a game for inexperienced gamers, I repeat, this is NOT a game for inexperienced gamers. This is one of the hardest if not the hardest fps I’ve ever played. Now I can continue. In an alternate time line taking place before WWII, a new threat has emerged and it is known as the Chimera. Little is known about the Chimera, except that they were once human and that they were infected with the Chimera virus. For years the Chimera have been causing havoc in Europe, and now America has troops to aid the European forces. You play as an American soldier, Nathan Hale, who is later infected with the virus, but does not become a Chimera. This game uses a health meter system, which is okay, but it only makes the game that much harder. All weapons have a secondary function. Some are useful, others, not so much. You’ll usually use a whole clip on one enemy, and when your surrounded by thirty enemies, that’s bad news for you. The weapons are under-powered. I was able to get through most of the game though with no trouble, that is until I got toward the end, where the difficulty shot up through the stratosphere. There is online and co-op for this game but I haven’t played either.

Final Score: 4/5