Playin’ Games with James: The Void – Part 2


Playin’ Games with James: The Void – Part 1

I’m now doing videos for TheVenatioProject. This is my first one.

Need for Speed: On the Run DEMO First Impressions

Let me first start off saying that I only like arcade racers. I tend to get bored with racing games that are too serious, like Forza or Gran Turismo.

I’ve enjoyed other Need For Speed games, but I was surprised on how nicely the car controlled. When you hit the boost it feels really impressive. It appears that the story of the game appears to that of Bull Run or Rat Race, lots of people race from one place to another in order to win millions of dollars.

Their was two tracks in the demo. The first track had some dirt roads and some highway. The second track was snow covered moutains. The main draw to this track was an avalanche that was coming down the mountain, and showering rocks down that you have to avoid.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the demo, and I look forward to checking out the game.